5 Life Lessons Blogging has Taught Me

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been blogging close to eight years. In those eight years, I have not only learned so much as a blogger and business owner, but as a wife, mom and a woman who also has a day job as a teacher. Blogging has really given me not only a creative outlet, but something that stretches me and challenges me to grow as a person.

life lesson blogging has taught me

Putting yourself out there so broadly like I do lends itself to lots of life lessons. Here are five major lessons blogging has taught me!

5 life lessons blogging has taught me. Blogging has really given me not only a creative outlet, but something that stretches me and challenges me to grow as a person.


Always be yourself. This is the number one lesson blogging has taught me. I am one person amidst a sea of bloggers and people in this world. I’m never going to stand out if I’m going to be like everyone else, or what everyone thinks I “should” be doing. Success comes from being myself and hopelessly owning it. This translates into other aspects of my life. It never ends well when I try to be something that I am not.

Do the work. I’m the only one in this life that determines success. Cheating, complaining, riding the coat tails of others, and expecting others to give me handouts will only frustrate me (and the people around me). Want something really bad in life? Work for it yourself! There are no shortcuts in life and blogging has reminded me of that.

Put your blinders on. Has the comparison game ever fared well for you? I bet not. When I compare myself to others, I feel inferior. I question ever photo I post, how I look around my friends, and how pretty my things are. This is a huge struggle for me, because I’m always looking to improve my “brand” as a blogger. However, I need to put my blinders on and focus on what makes me happy.

You can’t please everyone. In life, there will be people who don’t love me. I can’t force people to feel a certain way about me, nor can I make everyone happy 100% of the time. Blogging has taught me that it’s important to stay true and honest, but also handle sticky situations with professionalism and empathy.

Give yourself grace. At the end of the day, I’m only one person. I’ve taken so much on, and I’ve tried to do it all. I’ve taken pride in being busy. If I set extremely high and unattainable expectations for myself, I’m going to fail. If I say to myself, “You know what, I didn’t check off that item on the to do list today. There’s always tomorrow!” I’ll be happier and success will find me. Realistic expectations for my crazy stage of life are key.

5 Life Lessons Blogging has Taught Me

In reality, blogging has taught me so much more than these five life lessons, but these are the big ones that take the cake. Blogging gives me the opportunity to constantly learn and grow not only professionally, but personally. I am so appreciative of this journey!

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